Sean Cosgrove

Regional Convener of YSI West

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Sean Cosgrove is the Regional Convener of YSI West of Scotland. Originally from Paisley but living just down the road in Renfrew, Sean has been an active member of the SNP since July 2014 and has served as Regional Convener of West since December 2017.


Sean is a committed lifelong supporter of the SNP and Scottish independence, claiming to have first recognised the need for independence at the age of 8. He states that one of his earliest political memories is of the morning after the historic 2007 Scottish Parliament elections when Sean got up for school 3 hours early to go down to his living room and watch the results as the SNP won its first term in government. This shows his dedication and perhaps explains why Sean didn’t have any friends at school.


Sean has been an active campaigner within his local Renfrew and Gallowhill SNP branch, of which he is presently Fundraising Officer, and served as an election agent in the 2017 Renfrewshire Council elections. Sean has been a committed activist for the Party in between his studies firstly at undergraduate and now at postgraduate level. He is currently studying for a Masters in Historical Studies at the University of Strathclyde, where he has previously been involved with the SNP Students society on campus.


The fact Sean is studying for a Masters degree will come as a complete surprise to many, as he has not talked about it often. Sean’s main policy interests aside from independence include the reform of taxation, renationalisation of trains and buses, the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland, continuing free tuition, the protection of our NHS and educational reform.


Away from politics, Sean is a passionate and long-suffering supporter of St Mirren FC and the Scotland national football team. His wider sporting interests include rugby, American football and baseball- and he is a supporter of Leinster Rugby, the New York Giants and the New York Yankees respectively. Sean is a fan of Gerry Cinnamon, Oasis, Abba and The Backstreet Boys, and also enjoys blasting The Stone Roses on repeat whenever he has the opportunity.


Sean looks forward to continuing to campaign for tirelessly for the SNP and Scottish independence until such times as the restoration of our national sovereignty has been achieved.

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