Cllr Jordan Linden

National Vice-Convener

Born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire in 1995, Jordan is a twenty-something in Politics. A graduate in Community Education, Jordan was a key player in the Youth Engagement Infrastructure within his home Local Authority of North Lanarkshire from a young age. Jordan has had varied experiences in the third sector and politics.


Having been elected to Local Government in 2017; Jordan served as a Spokesperson for Youth, Communities and Equalities before being elected as the Assistant Chief Whip and subsequently Interim Chief Whip of the Scottish National Party Group on North Lanarkshire Council.


Jordan is the current Depute Leader of the SNP in North Lanarkshire and represents Ward 15, his home town of Bellshill.


Jordan is proud to serve as the current National Vice Convener of Young Scots for Independence, the Youth Wing of the Scottish National Party.

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